All Triads online

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You can open this "All  Triads online" in a new window, so it will fit the window size of your device.

All triads on the virtual keyboard with their notes and sounds 🎶

Dim. = diminished
Aug. = augmented
+ = augmented
m = minor
1. Inv. = first inversion
2. Inv. = second inversion
C#/Db = same keys on the keyboard
D#/Eb = same keys on the keyboard
F#/Gb = same keys on the keyboard
G#/Ab = same keys on the keyboard
A#/Bb = same keys on the keyboard

As soon as you select a root (C, C#, Db, E...) on the left and a chord on the right (Major, minor...) the notes are displayed and also the used keys are colored on the keboard. You can also use your keypad to play this virtual piano (a s d f g ...)

All tetrachords virtual piano: All Piano Chords online

'All Triads online' is a JavaScript app and should work fine with almost all devices. If you encounter any problems, or if you have an idea to enhance this game - or even an idea for a new music game - I would be happy if you get in contact with me.