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Music Intervals App – Musical Interval Recognition
Intervals App ♫ Ear Training - improve your skills in musical interval recognition

SoMiDo Music Replay Online Game
Music Replay · improve your skills in reading musical notes

SoMiDo All Piano Triads
All Triads · listen & see all their notes and keys on the virtual keyboard
SoMiDo All Piano Chords
All Chords · listen & see all the tetrachord notes and keys
Somido Virtual Piano
Virtual Piano · play piano and see the musical notes (treble and bass clef)
Music Memo Game
Musical Pairs · find the matching music 'sounding' pairs
Music Jigsaw Puzzles
Music Jigsaw Puzzles · Composers, the circle of fifths and more...

You can use this music apps and play the music games online in your browser - no need to download and install.

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What does SoMiDo mean?

Solmization is a system of attributing a distinct syllable to each note in a musical scale: do, re, mi, fa, so (sol), la, ti (si). The syllables have changed during the centuries, since Guido of Arezzo - an italian music theorist of the Medieval era (ut–re–mi–fa–so–la) and are also used slightly different in different countries and areas of the world.
If you want to know more about Solmization: Wikipedia is a good point to start:

The major scale is do re mi fa so la ti do and therefore so mi do are notes of a major triad:
do mi so - major triad
mi so do - 1st inversion
so do mi - 2nd inversion

And So Mi Do can sound like this:

"so mi do - so mi do so mi do"