All Triads online

You can open this “All  Triads online” in a new window, so it will fit the window size of your device. All triads on the virtual keyboard with their notes and sounds 🎶 Dim. = diminished Aug. = augmented + = augmented m = minor 1. Inv. = first inversion 2. Inv. = second inversion […]

Music Replay Game

Repeat the Melody – Replay the Music Enter your name and choose your language Train your music memory – keep the tones in your mind! This Music Replay Game Online is all about listening, reading and playing musical notes. This concentration type game will help you to improve your skills in reading musical notes, hearing […]

Virtual Piano Online

In contrast to other online virtual keyboards, the played notes are also shown (in treble clef and bass clef) in the Virtual Piano App of SoMiDo. Just play the virtual piano keyboard and see the the notes in treble (G) and bass (F) clef. ‘Virtual Piano Online’ is a JavaScript App and should work fine […]

All Piano Chords online

You can open this “All Piano Chords” in a new window, so it will fit the full window size of your device. Select a root (C,D,E…) on the top left and a chord (Major, minor, 7…) on the right to view the notes, listen to the tetrachord and see the keys on the keyboard. ‘All […]