Music Jigsaw Puzzles

Music Jigsaw Puzzles: Composers, Composers, the circle of fifths and more in different levels. Interactive Music Puzzle Online These music puzzles require a mouse to move the pieces – they can only be played on desktop computers.

Music Memo Game

Music Memo Game Online: Composer, Musical Instruments and Rhythm A matching pair game with music Composers: Bach, Smetana, Schumann, Vivaldi, Handel, Wagner, Debussy, Gershwin, Schubert, Mozart, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Haydn, Brahms and Beethoven. Musical Instruments: Tuba, violin, timpani, recorder, piano, cymbals, snare drum and xylophone And Rhythm patterns. A Music game to play online. How […]

Music Memo Game – Composer 2

Online matching pair game with music! Composers: Bach, Smetana, Schumann, Vivaldi, Handel, Wagner Debussy and Gershwin How to play: In this game you always have to click (turn over) any two of the cards and try to find two matching cards (with matching music). If the two cards don’t match, both are turned back again. […]